Thanks Teresa Kerr, Your Comments Made Our Lives Better

Thanks to Teresa Karr for sending the following. Messages like these mean so much to our 20+ hard-working, talented Make It Better Media staff! Her comments made our lives better.

Please follow Teresa’s lead and download our iPad app, send in the requester card from the magazine that helps lower our postage costs and and tells advertisers that the magazine is invited into your home.


I am finally getting around to reading my April issue of MIB magazine.

I have continued to enjoy your magazine and look forward to when I have the day in the month i might have time to read it cover to cover, as I am right now from my bath tub! It is ALWAYS full of valuable and easy to read, short articles that fit into our fast paced lives. I prefer to read the magazine even though I receive it online too.

I will make another attempt at adding to my IPad and will also, do my part, and send in card to lower your postage.

Did you update your type/print because it seems much easier to read on my 50 year old eyes. The previous print was lighter w less contrast making it hard to read in lower light.

Loved Mindy’s article about turning 5-0.

I know many of your staff and contributing writers and grow more proud of each of you and your entrepreneurial spirit in developing a magazine that makes us all feel better while giving back to so many people and businesses near and dear to us!

Thank you all for your monthly contributions!

Teresa Kerr

Business Development Manager

Sequenom Center for Molecular Medicine

3595 John Hopkins Court | San Diego, CA 92121

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