The Balanced Mind Foundation and One Mind for Research

Make It Better Media was very proud to sponsor today’s “Bringing Hope Home Luncheon” benefiting The Balanced Mind Foundation,, and highlighting the Staglin Family of Napa Valley’s successful journey through the trials on their son’s schizophrenia and establishment of nonprofits positioned to reduce the stigma of and find cures for mental illness.

Susan Resko, Executive Director of The Balanced Mind Foundation; Brook R. Whitted, Guest Speaker on Bullying; Susan Madian, The Balanced Mind Foundation President; Garen Staglin, venture capitalist, Staglin Family Vineyard owner & nonprofit founder who has helped raise over $135 million for mental health charities & research.

Staglin’s initiatives include One Mind for Research,, founded with Patrick Kennedy, and Bring Change 2 Mind,, founded with actress Glen Close.

The Balanced Mind provides resources, hope and connection for families struggling with the effects of mental illness. 1 Mind 4 Research has the ambitious, laudable dream of collaboration by all parties doing important work to understand how the brain works in order to expedite cures for all types of mental illness.

2 thoughts on “The Balanced Mind Foundation and One Mind for Research

  1. I applaud Patrick Kennedy speaking out about the unfair stigma put on people with mental illness and the unfair treatment by insurance companies! I have a son with schizophrenia and know first hand how people feel about him. Someone with any brain injury is lauded for any success in their struggle and given what ever help and encouragement they need to improve. Someone with mental illness has to fight for any help, health care and encouragement, even though they are not responsible for their illness. An alcoholic or other drug addict is given more help and support by insurance companies and society to get better. I suffer from depression and I can’t even get coverage for therapy when I need it on my health insurance (Wellmark-BCBS) which costs me almost $500.00 a month! My husband lost his job after he came back to work after triple bypass heart surgery and several other surgeries before that, at age 59. He will be 62 in September so he will be eligible for SS. I will be 65 in 2016 and I hope I will be eligible for Medicare so that our savings won’t be wiped out before we leave this earth like my parents was to take care of my father who died from a long battle with Alzheimer’s.
    Thanks for letting me rant!

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