Letter to the Editor: Eating With the Grownups

Thanks to Debbie Marlow for raising concerns that our magazine does not sufficiently cover all the communities in the northern suburbs, and specifically for pointing out omissions in our May Dining issue.

We like knowing that you care – and we will try to do better. All towns in the northern suburbs are important to Make It Better Media!

Debbie’s letter follows:

I have often felt when reading your magazine that you did not consider some of the close-in “Northwest” suburbs of interest to your readers. Upon reading “eating with the grownups” in your May issue, you all but confirmed it. Your article mentioned three family restaurants with locations in Buffalo Grove or in towns abutting Buffalo Grove, but did not acknowledge these locations. You mentioned Tom & Eddies in Deerfield. Tom & Eddies is also located in Vernon Hills, nestled between Lincolnshire and Buffalo Grove, as well as Geneva and Lombard. Walker Brothers is in Wilmette, Glenview, Highland Park as your article stated, but also in Lincolnshire, Arlington Heights and Lake Zurich; again, three towns that surround Buffalo Grove. Michael’s is in Highland Park, but is also in Buffalo Grove. I thought perhaps these two restaurants were no longer owned by the same party, but they share the same website.

So many of your readers were raised on the North Shore, and have since moved west. We still feel that we are part of the community. It is a shame when the magazine that took over the magazine we grew up reading doesn’t make us feel as though it shares that sentiment.

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