Another great collaboration – founded in Chicago, of course

Dena Perry of Lake Forest; Dr. Karen Kim of University of Chicago and the speaker on ACS colon cancer reduction initiative in Illinois; Cathy Elward, VP Tiffany & Co. which sponsored the Leadership Circle launch; Maryann Rasmussen ACS IL – Leadership Circle; Mindy Fauntleroy, CoFounder of Make It Better Media

Once again, an innovative, elegant, collaborative, win/win idea starts in Chicago, and is likely to grow across the country. The American Cancer Society launched its first Women’s Leadership Circle this week.

The Founding Members donate $1000 each, knowing that 100% of the proceeds will support the ACS colon cancer reduction initiative. This group of busy, savvy women will meet occasionally to follow the progress of their pooled donation and further their mission to be ambassadors and stewards of the cause.

100% donation efficacy + no “busy work” + networking with colleagues = WIN/WIN/WIN for all

Particular kudos to Maryann Rasmussen for envisioning and bringing to life this forward-thinking initiative for ACS, and Tiffany for hosting the launch.

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