Ahead of Her Times, Perfectly Timed, Per the NY Times

Ahead of her times, perfectly timed per the NY Times.

Katie Cory (center, above) brought a winner to Winnetka when she opened Skandal in Winnetka. The store features Scandinavian designers because Cory’s Scandinavian mother nurtured a love of this clean style in her. Coincidentally though, Scandinavian designers are hot, and getting hotter.

For instance, the NY Times just featured the designer “Dagmar” last weekend. Skandal is the first and only retail store in the nation to sell this uber comfy clothing.

And I’m fortunate to be a new owner of a Dagmar wrap with just enough texture and fur to look fashion forward while swaddling myself in warmth that feels like fur. I’ll be fighting my kids, including daughter Skatie on the right above, to keep it.

The Hubbard Woods store is also the first business in Winnetka with a working fireplace – the sleek, ecofriendly kind that burns an inexpensive, readily available oil as fuel. The store’s design should win awards. Again, Cory is ahead of her times with this too.

The price point of all this great style is pocket friendly too.

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