Reese Witherspoon Does Philanthropy

Joan Sabatino not only resembles Reese Witherspoon, she’s got the same honest, self-deprecating, funny, smart energy.
You want her as your friend, in your camp and connecting you to her community. If you were in college, she would be a fabulous sorority sister.

Joan Sabatino – Founder of 100 Women Making A Difference

Fortunately, it’s far easier to connect with Joan, than it is to rush a sorority. She’s inclusive. Any woman in our community can join the nonprofit that she founded – 100 Women Making A Difference – if you want to pay the $1000 annual dues and know that 100% of the donation goes directly to fund a scholarship for a great girl and nonprofit projects selected by the group.

You get the benefit of social gatherings with like minded philanthropists and the satisfaction of a $1000 donation very well spent, with none of the time commitment and angst of many volunteer commitments.

And you get the pleasure of Reese – I mean Joan’s – entertaining, strategic, no nonsense¬†company.

“I’ve reached the age where I just want to be honest and make it easy,” she declared at today’s luncheon. “Like, you tell me that you love my dress, but really what you love is the tummy tuck. Yes! Dr. Fenner on Green Bay Road does great work.”

I joined 100 Women Making A Difference and met some great new friends at their kick-off recruiting luncheon at Conway Farms today. Hope you will join too!

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