Lifelong Learning, Lynn Sage, Hermes & Emma

A large, smart group of female philanthropists donate their money and time to attend the Lifelong Learners series on Wednesday mornings at Northerwestern University, which features presentations from Northwestern’s stellar faculty. Yesterday’s presentation was on Revolutionizing the Field of Medicine Through Advances in Nanotechnology.

Revolutionizing is right! Simple bloodtests will be able to detect early stage cancers or predict potential for medical anomalies contained in your genes. Nanotechnology can be a significant tool in our fight against breast cancer, as one of the pictures below explains.

Lifelong Learners class at Northwestern University

Screen shot explaining how nanotechnology can detect breast cancers early through blood test

Speaking of the fight against breast cancer, the Fall Benefit Luncheon and auction of purses benefiting the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation was held at the Hilton yesterday too. It included one of the two (count ’em, only two) black Birken bags made by Hermes each year. This powerhouse nonprofit has raised over $27 million to fund breast cancer research, much of it done through the auspices of the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation by the group pictured below.

Lyn Sage Cancer Research Foundation volunteer next to the $16,000 black Birkin bag donated by Hermes

Members of the Breast Cancer Research Team at Northwestern University, Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation

Being educated with smart women & having the opportunity to fund our fight against breast cancer with beautiful purse purchases and great company made for a great Make It Better day. But it got even better when Lynn Sage handed me a Sprinkles cupcake which I took home to my teenage daughter. She had just taken the PSAT and was craving a Sprinkles too.

Creating better futures for fabulous young women like this is the best Make It Better day of all:

My daughter, Emma, with her Sprinkles cupcake


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