The Best Gifts For Your Preschooler

Some truths are eternal.

Unstructured time to just play, family dinner, and plenty of your loving attention (including you reading to them) are still the best gifts that you can give your child, according to the leading experts listed below, who offered sage advice at the Make It Better Preschool Advisory Council:

Nan Barrett Bright Beginnings Preschool
Susie Blau Extraordinary Kids
Sally Bullard Lake Forest Country Day
Blakely Bundy The Alliance for Early Childhood
Joan Duffy Rose Hall Montessori School
Erika Gray Kohl Children’s Museum
Lisa Kampwirth Baker Demonstration School
Leanne Nathan Jewish Community Center
Kerry Russell Wilmette Community Nursery School
Kathy Smart Advocate Children’s Hospital

Issues of concern include:

How best to develop executive functions through play? Those skills are predictors of later success.

How much is too much academics in preschool?

How are younger siblings affected if they constantly are schlepped along to the extracurricular activities of highly scheduled older siblings? And really, is it good for those older siblings to be so highly scheduled?

How to destress parents? Relax and enjoy your child!!

What are the best resources for early detection and intervention of developmental delays?

Twins & Multiples – a growing issue in the northern suburbs because of our demographics – when to separate?

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