What If We Spent Those Billions & Millions on Education Instead?

What if we spent those billions & millions on education instead?

Billions of dollars and millions of hours have been spent on tomorrow’s election.
Wouldn’t our country to in a better position if we spent some of those billions and millions on improving education and opportunities for all instead?

One thought on “What If We Spent Those Billions & Millions on Education Instead?

  1. Agreed! This not a complaint but more so a plea. I am involved in an initiative, The VECCY Hiring Initiative, that will recruit, enroll in truck driver training programs then ensure employment for 1,000 Veterans and Economically Challenged Citizens, over the course of three years. This initiative will take $8.2M to fund but the upside is that it will add $40M to the U.S. GDP as well as $40M in taxable earned wages to the U.S. economy. VECCY participants are citizens who are currently either receiving unemployment, federal assistance or have been out of work for more than 6 months. The savings in taxpayers dollars (additional upside) that will be realized by putting these citizens back to work far exceeds the $40M in added GDP and taxable earned wages. In any investment, this would be a most favorable ROI. Imagine the possibilities if this initiative was duplicated in each state in the U.S.! The $426,400,000 initiative investment for 52 states would put 52,000 U.S. citizens back to work in an industry that desperately needs them and yield $2,080,000,000 in taxable earned wages while adding this same amount to the U.S. GDP. All at a cost of of less than 25% of what was spent on this year’s election. Again, this is not a complaint…merely a distinct observation. Thoughts?

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