Recommended – The Dinner Party, by Fear No Art

The Dinner Party Host and Producer – Elizabeth Alfano

Once a month, Elizabeth Alfano hosts the ultimate social networking, entertaining dinner party at “Mayne Stage.” The Dinner Party showcases great Chicago chefs and three accomplished Chicago artists from various genres – music, theatre, visual arts, media.

Audience members tweet questions to the guests and win prizes, Time Out Chicago streams it live, everyone has a blast.

Watch for Julie Chernoff’s upcoming interview of Elizabeth. And log on to purchase tickets for the February 25 show featuring Chicago Opera Theater, ABC’s The Practice Michael Patrick Thornton, Artistic Director of The Seldoms Carrie Hanson, food by Homaro Cantu of MOTO, and opening act Dolly Varden here.

Alfano is doing all she can to nurture passions and creativity that will make the world a more artistic and better place through Fear No Art. We hope to nurture Alfano.

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