To Quit Is To Die

“To Quit Is To Die,” declared Major General John Borling, USAF, Ret. several times during our dinner last night. That attitude, and his poet’s soul, has lifted him from failure to greater success than he imagined possible. It also lifts up others – including servicemen and civilians alike. And me.

General Borling, who earned 5 Stars and many high-level commands around the world (Don’t you just love the Make It Better orange flight suit? He “won” that from a German fighter pilot)

Borling’s greatest loves are his wife, Myrna, and being a fighter pilot. He was shot down during the Vietnam War and held as a prisoner of war in conditions of extreme deprivation for more than 6 1/2 years. He kept himself and the other prisoners in the “Hanoi Hilton” going by tapping messages on the walls, including his own poetry.

That attitude also helped him become of the most decorated soldiers in our country too.

Included in this photo are a Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars and 2 Purple Hearts.

That attitude also pushed Borling to recently publish Taps On The Wall – Poems From The Hanoi Hilton. He is promoting the book and his belief that each person “has a responsibility to renew yourself and your country” around the country. I recommend his poems and other inspiring messages to you.

You will learn more about John in the June issue of Make It Better magazine. We’ve very proud to be featuring him and other outstanding men.

“Values come from people,

Assessing their amounts.

Those worthy of respect and pride,

All know the striving counts.”

(Excerpt from “This I Believe” on p. 74 of “Taps On The Wall”)

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