Chicago’s Famous Foodies Tell All – Sneak Peek Into May magazine

May is our dining issue, and it’s great! It includes insights, tips and recommendations sure to enhance your dining pleasure for months to come.

My favorite article though reminds me that great success — in food as in life — usually develops from great values and passion for the work.

Rick Bayless

Rick Bayless’ creative energy and desire to support and grow local and sustainable are spot on to further our world and his food empire.

Gale Gand

Gale’s heart is even sweeter than her signature pastries. She supports food pantries, helps at her son’s school, and takes him foraging for delicacies in nature even as she runs some of the most sophisticated kitchens in the city.

Martha Melman

What is not to love about Martha! She tries to strengthen every family she touches – including the hundreds of thousands supported by Metropolitan Family Services. And her favorite restaurant is still the one where she met her husband – the first of the LEY empire.

Billy Corrigan

From rock star to tea house owner. How cool is Billy?

Learn more here.

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