Connections & Meaning

MIB Co-Founder Mindy Fauntleroy, Chief Creative Officer Cheryl Berman, Pat Noyes, myself, Raven Kane, Nick Noyes the Younger

Connections and meaning reverberated around Chase Auditorium at the Philanthropy Awards Wednesday night. Thanks abounded. And no one appreciated it more than I did!

The following message from recipient Dan Weisberg of Innovations For Learning echos others that we have received:

“What a truly terrific evening, all the way around. The synergies in the room from all this fine commitment to community engagement was really quite wonderful to behold. Our tutors who were there (from AT&T, comScore, CareerBuilder.COM, Morningstar, and CBRE) all had a great time.”

PHil Award Sherry Arthur Nikki Indart and Susan Noyes

Sherry Arthur, Nikki Indart, and myself

The venture philanthropy data was good too. The videos helped the nonprofits raise more money and awareness. A lot. In fact, the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund raised a record $1.7 million and gave Make It Better substantial credit for that.

Tom Sabatino of Walgreens

Tom Sabatino of Walgreens

Thanks again to sponsors Chase JPMorgan, represented by Francee Harrington, and Walgreens, represented by Tom Sabatino, and everyone at Make It Better. My greatest thanks go to those in the first photo above–family and friends who have supported me unconditionally on this Make It Better journey. I am a most blessed woman indeed.

Lives Made Better 92,901 and counting

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