Admitting Failure

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” asks Sheryl Sandberg in her New York Times best selling book, Lean In.

My answer is easy –launch a media company that does good and does well, Make It Better Media.

And launch a 501-C-3 to amplify support of outstanding nonprofits–the Make It Better Foundation–and our Philanthropy Awards.

And start counting “Lives Made Better” by this work.

All things considered, we’ve been relatively successful with the media company and foundation.

One area where we could do to improve, though, is our “Lives Made Better” section.  It’s a number the track the number of lives that we’ve made better through our efforts.  This just seems to be too vague, or perhaps too ambitious, to get most people to respond.

I’ve been touting this audacious goal to count lives made better for some time. And much as I’m afraid to admit failure, I need to do so to clear my conscience.  I failed on this one.

Perhaps now, instead, I’ll count connections that help others instead. What do you think about this as a goal?

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