As Women, Why Should We Have Limitations?

“As women, why should we have limitations?” – Swin Cash, Chicago Sky

What a great role model for any female!

Swin Cash was born to an unwed teen mother in Pennsylvania who is still her greatest love and support, has won every possible honor for a female basketball star (including Olympic Gold Medals, WNBA and college Championships and MVP awards), published Humble Journey, an inspirational book which credits God, good values, and hard work with her success, founded Cash for Kids, a nonprofit that gives back to the youth in the places she grew up, and founded two businesses.

Wow. Devoted daughter, determined athlete, out-of-the-box thinker to create opportunities for others, as well as her mother and herself.

And now, also a celebrated beautiful athletic body in the July ESPN magazine’s Body Issue.

Don’t miss her behind the scenes video in which she declares:

“As women, why should we have limitations? It should be ok to be attorneys, businesswomen, athletes, models, glam, anything in between. I want to someday be able to show my 16 year old daughter that I actually did this. And I want it to be fierce!”

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