What Are Your Multiple Intelligence Strengths?

Photo courtesy of Howard Gardner

Thankfully, people have many more types of intelligences than just their IQ. This helps account for humanity’s rich diversity of thoughts, talents and actions. Understanding this allows each individual to not feel pigeon-holed by a single IQ number, but rather to think about, find and nurture their unique strengths instead.

Howard Gardner discovered and made famous the concept of Multiple Intelligences. He just launched multipleintelligencesoasis.org as the official, authoritative site which defines them and provides his recommendations and links to resources for parents, teachers, psychologists, journalists and others who believe in nurturing each individual’s unique MI strengths.

Gardner identifies eight intelligences:

  • Intrapersonal (self knowledge)
  • Interpersonal (social knowledge and skills)
  • Logical Mathematical
  • Naturalist
  • Spatial
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic
  • Linguistic
  • Musical

What are your multiple intelligence strengths? What are your child’s? Understanding and nurturing these strengths will lead to a more satisfying and useful life.

To learn more or take Gardner’s MI test, please click here.

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