Six Small Ways to Make A Difference for Someone With Special Needs

6 Easy Ways To Make A Big Difference For Others With Children

“The reality is, everyone, at one time or another, will have to deal with some sort of adversity.

And while you may not be in the same shoes as a special needs person, you can certainly learn how to appreciate their perspective and do what you can to support them and their families. Because chances are, you may need some extra support yourself someday.”

Kristina Tober, Make It Better writer and mother to a special needs child.

Kristina Tober

Talented writer Kristina Tober offers sage advise for how to react to children with special needs and their families in her article, “Small Ways to Make A Difference for Someone With Special Needs.” Really though, it’s advise that works in situations with with all children too – not just those involving special needs kids.

1. Learn the right lingo.

2. Try not to stare.

3. Offer to help.

4. Remember that this is someone’s child who is loved.

5. It’s ok to laugh.

6. Always look for the good, regardless of ability.

There have been more times than I care to remember than my kids were misbehaving in public, and I not only appreciated, I desperately needed a response by strangers that reminded me to laugh, love and look for the good instead of scold.

Brava Kristina!

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