Robin Williams Tragedy Puts Depression in Focus


My family and I deeply grieve Robin Williams’ death.  We are such enormous fans that we even took our then 2nd grade son to Robin’s solo show at the Chicago Theatre – which, of course, was full of f-bombs and other inappropriate content.  My son even spoke of it today on his blog

Robin Williams to be rememberedRobin spotted our cute tow head in the audience and launched into a rant – “What kind of mother would bring you here?”  I tried to crawl under my seat.

Eerily, Robin addresses suicide and the dark underbelly of comic genius in an NPR interview with Terri Gross that was replayed earlier today.

Robin’s death proves that our society needs to open up and double down on depression.  It’s a horrific disease.  And it hits too many homes in our home towns.

Make It Better won national press awards for our Teen Depression
Please encourage any of your family or friends who exhibit signs of depression to talk about it.  Join society’s fight to funnel more support for identifying and treating this insidious illness too.  And, please, let us know how Make It Better can help too.

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