Make It Better Media Credo for 2015

Make It Better MagazineMoving into 2015, I want to re-iterate the Make It Better Credo. The publication and company lives by the following:

We believe that people are inherently kind, generous and helpful. We all want to connect with others in a meaningful way.

We believe that the fastest route to a better world is by making it as easy as possible for our audience to help others, as well as themselves.Make it Better Sibling Rivalry

We believe in paying forward our good fortune and creating virtuous circles that encourage people and organizations with similar values to work together.

4-ways-to-teach-kids-about-philanthropyWe believe in growing support for local businesses and nonprofits while delivering the highest-quality lifestyle content to our affluent audience.

Because of these values, the mission of Make It Better Media is to be the most trusted, easiest-to-use community resource that helps you make your life and the lives of others better. We accomplish this by connecting you to the businesses and nonprofits you support—online, in print and in person.

Please join us and be a social entrepreneur tooBe informed:

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One thought on “Make It Better Media Credo for 2015

  1. Excellent perspectives! As a service in business to “give money away” Click. Buy. Help. is committed to helping schools and nonprofits earn as much as possible. Fundraising is difficult – for both the raiser and the “raisee.” Donor fatigue is a very real challenge which is addressed through innovative fundraising tools. Thank you for sharing best practices and best regards.

    Dave Wiederrich, Founder

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