Round Up of Content from Make It Better Magazine

“It’s been said that the best way to teach children is through example.” Jenny Muslin, Make It Better writer, Skokie Schools Raise Money To Help Kids Around the World.

Our talented writers and editors at Make It Better again offer articles and inspiration to help you make life better for yourself and others you this week.  I particularly want to highlight these:

Skokie Schools Raise Money Through Music

A team of teachers and musicians are leading the way for the students at Skokie’s John Middleton Elementary School and McCracken Middle School. It’s practically kismet that the key players involved connected through their love of music and philanthropy. Read more…..

Twitter Makes Life Easier for Busy Moms

Twitter is all the rage. The signature blue bird appears on nearly every web page, and the younger generation is flocking to Twitter rather than other forms of social media. But, Twitter isn’t just for kids. Increasingly, busy moms are using it to connect with one another, to stay on top of current affairs and even to save a little money. Read more…..

College Tours: The Ivy League

Congratulations! You’ve got a high-achieving kid who’s thinking Ivy. Gird yourself, because the college application process is torturous. But the campus visits? A piece of cake, especially with our tips on where to stay, where to eat and what to do while you’re soaking up the atmosphere on site. Read more……

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